Little cheat to speed up your WebDriver tests

While most examples for Selenium WebDriver use creating new instance of browser on setUp() and closing it on tearDown(), it is not that fast really. So, in most cases, you only need to clear cookies and open homepage. Fortunately, WebDriver allows this. Such a little cheat will significantly decrease the time your tests take to run.

You can clear cookies by driver.manage.delete_all_cookies (Ruby bindings). In Watir-WebDriver there is also cute clear_cookies() method. Just create a new instance of WebDriver before all the tests and clear cookies in setUp(). That's it.


Continuous integration for iOS app with Cucumber, Frank and Bamboo

It's been a while since I had written latest post and it's just because I have too little time and too little readers, so I wasn't sure it worthies spending time. But after this post by Marlena Compton I've decided to keep it on.

So, this post is about building continuous integration for iOS application with Cucumber + Frank as acceptance testing framework and Bamboo as CI server.