SafeClick - protect your Drupal site from Clickjacking

SafeClick is released. It is a module for Drupal CMS, which you gotta have to defense your website from Clickjacking. It implements several techniques of such defenses.

Opportunity of setting X-Frame-Options HTTP header. You may set it up to SameOrigin to allow framing of website within its domain or to DENY to prevent framing at all. Or you may disable it. This header is currently supported by Mozilla Firefox + NoScript extension, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, so it's the safest way for your website.  

JavaScript + CSS + <noscript> framebusting. It's the hardest defense for your website, however it can break down some of your modules which use iframes. The disadvantage of usual framebusters is that they can be disabled particularly using IE8 or Safari XSS filter  This framebuster, pointed to me by sirdarckcat, excludes such kind of attack. If user disables framebuster script selectively - he sees blank screen. If user has generally disabled JavaScript - he sees message like "Enable JavaScript". However, I've decided to make <noscript> tag as a separate option, because such option may be useful without framebuster itself. 

Opportunity of decreasing the risk of Clickjacking on your site via overridden styles of <iframe>, <frame>, <object> and <embed> tags. This option should only be enabled if you allow your users to post content with stated tags. Special CSS overrides opacity level and z-index for them, preventing transparent frames and hidden via z-index frames. Also, z-index is useful for prevention of "last loaded - first focused" behavior (when last loaded frame is being focused regardless its z-index). The reverse is that in theory it may break website layout.
    Module is released and I hope it will be useful for Drupal users. Thanks to all slackers for helping me with Clickjacking prevention techniques.
    You may download module there.


    SafeClick Testing & Review

    After long discussion about methods of Clickjacking prevention, I've released for testing and reviewing SafeClick. It is a module for Drupal CMS which implements several of such techniques.
    The first is an implementation of  X-Frame-Options HTTP header.
    The second is JavaScript + CSS + <NoScript> hack, pointed to me by sirdarckcat - thanks to him!
    The third is special CSS, which can be useful if a website allows users to post frames within their content. It overrides opacity and z-index of HTML elements, used for Clickjacking attacks.
    Module is currently being reviewed by Drupal community. Everyone is welcomed for testing and hacking!